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San Carlos with its unique geological and geographic conformation that seems to combine every type of Sonoran Landscape in one same place, already existed.  It had already witnessed the pilgrimage of Indian tribes that settled on Sonoran land, long before the Spanish conquest to Mexico.

 The Yaquis, the Guaimas and the Seri Indians lived in the natural habitat.  The waters of the gulf of California provided food aplenty and the imposing figure of the Tetakawi or Tecalai Mountain is said to have fortified the spirits of the warrior of those tribes and the Indian nomad, who reached this boundary of the desert of northwest Mexico.

 Historic documents ascribe the name of San Carlos to a Spanish vessel, which found shelter in the bay during the conquest.  This is the earliest mention of that name in the logs of the ships, which visited the are located “leagues to the north of the port of ports (Guaymas) on the northwest coast of the newly discovered continent”.

 The history of San Carlos goes hand in hadn with that of the Guaymas port, when the Sea of Cortez became popular for the excellent sports fishing during the 50s.  The flow of visitors from the north increased considerably and there was a big demand for better tourist services and accommodations in Miramar and Bacochibampo Bay, which was then the tourist area.

 Located Northwest of Bacochibampo Bay, with plenty of fertile land, bays for sheltering boats and excellent underwater sports for scuba diving, San Carlos gradually became the favorite place for boat owners and for tourists with a preference for water sports and marine activities.

 On September 18th, 1963, with Luis Enchinas as a governor of the state of Sonora, San Carlos becomes a commissariat of Guaymas by Official Decreee No. 26.

 Since then, the area has attracted other investors and businessmen who chose San Carlos to build the first marina in Mexico, and later develop and 18-hole golf course, hotels, tourist complexes, condominiums and more.  The inaugurations of condominiums are testimonies of the development of San Carlos, along with Scenic Corridor, and now the relocation of the Only Sonora foreighn checkpoint to Empalme (South of Guaymas).


 The dream of having , or renting a house on the hill, overlooking the sea, with an yacht in the marina, near an 18-hole golf course, is a reality in San Carlos.

 This is just an example.  The lifestyle here is a blend of Mexican flavor with modern conveniences.  Since a large part of the population is American and Canadian, the style contrasts greatly with the neighboring town and the rest of the state, and is more similar to other resort areas, such as Vallarta or Los Cabos.

 There is a notable preference for the colonial architecture, lush gardens bright flowers in large clay pots, carved wood and leather furniture, ceramic vases and Mexican paintings. 

“El Caracol”, an exclusive residential area on the peninsula next to San Carlos Bay, the country club, along the golf course, Marina Real, Sector Bahia, El Creston, and Costa del Mar.  These are all very peacefull residential areas where the silence is occasionally interrupted by a bird singing or the purring motor of a boat leaving one of the two marinas.  Most of the residents lead a life of leisure, although San Carlos is also the exclusive residential area for young Guaymas families, who enjoy living here, and don’t mind the daily drive to the city, for business, or to take the children to school.

 Besides houses on the hill, there are also residences on the beach, or the golf course.  There is always a supply and demand for houses and condominiums, since in most cases, living in San Carlos is temporary.  For many, theirs is a vacation home, or winter retreat.

 San Carlos has many sports and recreational activities to enjoy.  Visitors and tourists have easy access to all recreational areas without disturbing the serenity and privacy of the residential areas.  There are many options available to the resident and depend mostly on his tastes and lifestyle.

 The possibilities range from having your house and dock in the marina to having a place with a private pier, ring at the beach, or with the golf green at your back yard, or simply enjoying the comfort of a condominium with all the available services of a hotel and more.

San Carlos Marina

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San Francisco Beach